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Much has happened since those times when large firms were headed by people who gave their name to the house. Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent ... His legacy and its essence has been relieved by big names in the industry that, on merit, have been able to continue, needle and thread in hand, the patterns of their predecessors. They marked a before and after, were a unique generation in history, the beginning of a revolution that reaches today. A position in which we talk about Dior, Ferragamo or without a head-dragon to lead the house as did its founders.(cheap formal dresses australia) číst dál

Fashion Week in Milan breaks male schemes

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Next season summer, men who follow the trends of Fashion Week in Milan will dress as lovers of nature in its various forms: adventurous, cowboys, mountain climbers and even Boy Scouts explorers style. číst dál

The Importance of Appearance For Career Development

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Expertise and creativity has become an important point to pursue a profession. But behind it all, there is one thing that is not less important to support the development of our career, that looks right. číst dál

imperfect tense

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No one is perfect, we know, but we always had the habit of trying to be. Instead, surprisingly, now going forward is to accept the imperfect tense in which we live. Just when Photoshop is for everyone to clear, dimagrirsi, levigarsi, for short, create an avatar of himself more satisfying, it emerges a social model that is the perfection almost annoying. The unconventional beauty is becoming popular, perhaps even essential. Chantelle Winnie Harlow is the first model with vitiligo. Moffy the only brunette cover girl squint. It emerged from the crowd of the beautiful Molly Bair, defined model "alienica" (large ears, huge eyes, tiny mouth). číst dál

Inspiring personality Kartini

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Raden Kartini Adjeng very popular among people in Indonesia. číst dál

nineteenth dances to Pontormo, a dip in the past between lace and ladies

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The nineteenth century becomes a spectacle and for a day the auditorium of the school Sanzio street turns into historical building. "They should hold the ladies room and the knights and off the dance." Every step of the waltz, the boys in dark suit and shirt, princesses girls for one day wear full skirts, lace and colorful to relive the magic of the past. číst dál

Michelle Reynoso saw Cheddy for Sovereign

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As every year, Soberano Awards manages to monopolize the attention of the Dominican public. And the carpet has become the perfect for designers and stylists show their talent stage. číst dál

Bridal industry professionals gather in the I Pando Wedding Day

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The first edition of Pando Wedding Day a meeting of exclusive brands, press and bloggers, was held last Tuesday at the Casa-Palacio de Pando Cuna street restaurants organized by Gourmedia. Presented by Concha Ortiz (blog Foodilove) in a relaxed atmosphere and networking have met some of the suppliers of reference for organizing weddings in Seville and Andalusia. číst dál

Alitalia changes look: there's the red uniforms for hostesses

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After nearly twenty years, Alitalia renews the uniforms of its personnel, marking another step in the path of change that is affecting every sector of the Italian Company. The new collection was presented recently during a parade that was held in Rome at the National Space Events, in front of a large audience of representatives of the national and international media and guests from all over the world. číst dál

Do I need an outlet in kindergarten?

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On discharge in kindergartens fate was pushing me twice: the first time when I myself was a future first-grader, and then - after 13 years, when a new life entered my younger sister. I can not say that this is some special memories, but without them the picture of the world in my head, probably, would be incomplete.My graduation was held in a beautiful, bright and warm spring day. All night I was seven years old, was asleep on the curlers to noon all my curls have become barely perceptible waves. I had a beautiful white dress(formal dresses), which I never wore because somehow just grew out... číst dál

Martin Berrocal: "I have gone from Vicky to be Victoria '

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Vicky Martin Berrocal is one of the most interesting moments of his professional career. And not only in his role as a fashion designer, with which it is about to officially present its second brand, Victoria, with which it wants to sell wedding fashion and party throughout Europe. Also in music, by participating each Saturday at the "Rise All Stars" program Telecinco, singing with Maria Toledo. číst dál

Fear held icon

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Planning meeting with the Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur, like previous meetings, Mira sweet smile that could melt the heart of any man to greet me and the photographer. No wonder when the social networking site, Mira often victims of harassment mischievous netizens, especially the boys who crave a girlfriend like. Not only beautiful, but also has a good educational background. Recalls the first apparition, Mira artistic career began when he was active in the field of modeling as a model Muslim clothing. Fierce style labels that highlight the famous fashion Islamic identity, image recording demonstrate the design began to 'scatter' in cyberspace, talking about her beauty.(formal wear) číst dál

civil engineer wins contest of most beautiful 'chubby' Bahia

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Civil engineering Kamila Bittencourt, 30, won the contest that elected the "most beautiful chubby Bahia, Saturday night (7) in Salvador. The event was held in a Landings hotel. Participants Dany Assis and Stefanie Mazucato , were second and erceiro place respectively. the primiera placed, Kamila, will represent the state in the national contest stage, on 20 May, in Rio de Janeiro. číst dál


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In early 1970, the French fashion designer André Courrèges returned to his home town of Pau, in the Pyrenees, to build production center of your business. To date, the creator was known as the "Le couture Corbusier" and had introduced an outfit composed of miniskirts silhouette "A", pleated pants, boxy coats and dresses(cheap formal dresses australia) trapezoid, which matched what he had learned in a decade as assistant Cristóbal Balenciaga, with his love for all things futuristic, sports and utility. číst dál

Colors - mind, body and soul catalyst

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Tell me what color you choose, and I will tell you what is happening to you. This could be a chromotherapy system aura-soma practitioners informal motto, because hiding what you want, the colors will reveal what goes on in your mind, body and soul. For example, the Mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov very dark colored suits gradually changed towards lighter in various shades of blue, a fashion designer Elita Patmalniece often choose black color, which refreshes with colorful accents in clothing, but parliamentary Speaker Inara Mūrniece your dress(cheap formal dresses) because called on the White lady. číst dál